The Five Nights in May

BETWEEN 1977 and 1985 English clubs appeared in eight European Cup Finals, winning seven, including a run of six successive final victories. It is the longest period of dominance by one country in the competition’s history, including its current rebranded corporate guise, The Champions League. If one nation dominated Europe’s premier club competition during this time, then one club more than any other dominated England’s representation in those finals. Continue reading “The Five Nights in May”

Jamie Carragher – The Passion of a Legend

NOWADAYS he is known for his analysis and comments. Jamie Carragher is one of the most popular pundits in England. Unlike his playing career, Carragher’s work with Sky Sports and other media outlets is being given much acknowledgment. The former Liverpool defender had always been a top player, but at the national team level, he never got the recognition and affection he received at his club. His mere 38 caps for England sums that up perfectly. Continue reading “Jamie Carragher – The Passion of a Legend”

Peter Beardsley – Geordie Legend, Loved in Liverpool

PETER Beardsley has recently been in the news for the wrong reasons, amid claims of racism and bullying in his current role as manager of the Newcastle United under-23 side, but go back 30 years it was a much different story for Beardsley the then player. A forward known for his guile, skill and work-rate and who was once described by Gary Lineker as ‘the best partner I could ever have’, and in a piece recorded for the National Football Museum, as ‘unselfish and creative’. As happy creating as he was scoring, a player who would fit perfectly into the number 10 role in the modern game, he found himself in the right place at the right time when he arguably hit his peak following a transfer to the dominant force of the English game back then, Liverpool, in 1987. Continue reading “Peter Beardsley – Geordie Legend, Loved in Liverpool”

The Return of God

NINE years after Gérard Houllier had forced him out of the Anfield door, Robbie Fowler, or God as he is better known to many, returned home. When looking back at his career, Fowler was asked at which point he was happiest, his reply speaks volumes of the emotions of the time – ‘That would probably be 2006, when I returned. You think you’ll never get a chance again; I was looking to get that chance’. A born and bread Scouser, delivered a second opportunity to play for the team he had already represented over two hundred times. Continue reading “The Return of God”

The Birth of a ‘Super Club’ Rivalry

IT is a rivalry that is unique in English, and perhaps even, world football. Unlike many derbies in Britain, this one is not born out of locality or a history of distinguished clashes in the 20th century. It has not originated – much like Manchester United and Arsenal’s feud – from a prolonged battle for the league title, nor is there an extensive history of fan violence between the two clubs. Yet, Liverpool and Chelsea have developed an enmity for each other which few clubs in England’s top flight can match. Continue reading “The Birth of a ‘Super Club’ Rivalry”

Mohamed Salah’s Long Road to the Top

NOT long ago, one could argue that £30m was too much for one player. Times have changed drastically and the previously mentioned price is arguably considered ‘good business’ in a world where Brazilian superstars are worth more than six times that figure. From Jorge Mendes’ multi-million pound agent fees to the Qatari government shelling out tens of millions personally to Neymar, football transfers have changed. Many at the start of the season scoffed at Liverpool’s purchase of Mohamed Salah, for a reported fee of around £35m. The player, who scored 34 goals and amassed 24 assists for AS Roma in only 83 appearances, was considered not good enough for the Premier League. Continue reading “Mohamed Salah’s Long Road to the Top”

Gary McAllister’s Season in the Spotlight

GARY McALLISTER is one of those players, that when people talk of them they are remembered fondly – not a bad word to be spoken of them, glowing praise radiates in odes to their past glories.

When people think of the Scottish midfielder what comes to mind firstly? A receding hairline or lack of hair altogether? A midfield maestro who could pick a pass with pin point accuracy? Or a reliable player who elevated every side he played for? Continue reading “Gary McAllister’s Season in the Spotlight”